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Coomallo Park
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Coomallo Reserve is one of the Western Australian best kept secrets. In other words, this splendrous area, covering some 35,000 ha together with Mt Lesueur National Park, is well known for its unique attractions.

Located about 220 km north of Perth, and close to world-known Pinnacles, this has long been recognised as an area of outstanding flora conservation values, complex geological features and unusually rugged, but beautiful terrain just awaiting you to explore.

Coomallo Park is our beautiful location and accommodation inside fabulous Coomallo Reserve and we invite you to visit us! We'll make sure that your accommodation at our chalets in the midst of this nature's reserve will make you feel reborn again.
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5 million star resort
Coomallo Resort chalets will not only provide you great accommodation in the midst of breathtaking Western Australian bush atmosphere, but also re-charge your batteries and definitely make your day!

With your batteries re-charged, your mind and body will look for some adventure and activities. Explore the bush and its wildlife, the Pinnacles, nearby Indian Ocean beaches and sand dunes, Mt Lesueur’s unique wildflowers, Lake Thesis stromatolites.

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5 million star resort
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