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After fifteen years of hard training, and thousands of miles on the road. I am thinking of the future. Avoiding back problems is a major step towards a healthy life. With the Mastercare programme, I can stretch my back naturally. It really helps after a hard workout. When combined with relaxation, the effects are amazing.

- Tomas Gustafson, Three-times gold medallist at the Olympics

The Mastercare Back-A-Traction has been wonderful in helping me recover from the injury. I get on the Back-A-Traction before and after my training sessions to relieve the pressure in my back. The feeling is worth anything in the world.

- Bengt-Ake Gustafsson, Ice hockey player. Has been playing in NHL-Washington Capitals. In 1995 was ranked the best ice hockey player in Sweden of all times.


Among many others Mastercare studies at Volvo Aero Corporation, one 12-month study was conducted to determine if gravity inversion at the Volvo workplace could prevent low back pain disorders from worsening. Employees with chronic low back pain disorders (LBP) were included. The participants were stratified by age, sex and worker category and randomized into three groups.
  • Group 1 used the Swedish Mastercare Inversion System (SMIS) with inversion (head down) of 15 and 30 and a brief training program for 10 minutes daily;
  • Group 2 used it for 10 minutes twice daily and
  • Group 3 served as the control group.
A questionnaire was used to obtain information on pain levels in a visual analogue scale and about sick days and sick-periods. The questionnaire was used at baseline, after 3 months and after 12 months. Back mobility was measured at baseline and after 3 months.

116 persons were enrolled for the study. Of these, 108 (93%) completed the first three months and 92 (79%) completed the full 12 month schedule. At the start the participants averaged 44.1 years of age and 77% were men. A significant dose-related reduction in pain was noted for the training groups as compared to the control group after 3 and 12 months.
  • Sick-leave due to LBP fell an average of 7.9 days per individual in the training groups compared to the year prior to the study, whereas control-group absenteeism increased.
  • Forward flexion measured by finger-to-floor distance indicated increased back-flexion, compared to baseline in the training groups but not in the control group.
Regular gravity inversion demonstrated a plausible remedial effect on low back pain and sick-leave was reduced.

Within the community we use, with very good result Mastercare table, placed in several workplaces. Within a separate project continuous case-studies are carried out under structured forms.

- Claes Lenngerd, Occupational Physician at the City Health in Trollhattan, Sweden

Besides stretching and unwinding the back, Mastercare's backward-inversion makes it easier for the return to the heart and lungs of venous blood which then gets faster oxygenated.

- Thomas Kluft, Vaxjo, Sweden, Fitness leader

The Swedish Mastercare has been found to reduce low-back pain, when used regularly at the work-place. Many patients describe the effect as sensational, and in contrast to pain killers, has virtually no side-effects.

There is no doubt in my mind that certain types of low-back pain, with muscle spasms treated to full healing with this equipment. The medical conclusion is that Mastercare, The Swedish Back Care System, means a breakthrough in nearly all back-care rehabilitation.

- Lennart Dimberg, MD Ph Doctor, Trollhattan, Sweden


Only eight months of individual treatment with Mastercare, all my old pain has disappeared, and is just a memory now.

After a fall during my childhood, I suffered many years from constant pain in practically the whole body as well as severe exertion-asthma. I could hardly lift one liter milk and totally depended on the family. When I came in touch with Mastercare Back-A-Traction, I became curious and decided to give it a try.

After only 10 days my exertion-asthma disappeared for good and two months later I could lift as much as 25 kilos. The pain is totally gone today.

It's important to take deep breaths between each exercise. It was when I discovered the connection between breathing and each exercise that the real improvements occurred.

- Ingrid Augustsson, spokesperson for Asthma and Allergy Society of Sweden

Without Back-A-Traction, Oskar would have been in a wheelchair today. For 20 years, Oskar Norden, 58, had been plagued by a crippling backache. He needed canes to walk and was unable to dress himself.

"When he came home after his first treatment with Mastercare, I could hardly believe my eyes !", exclaimed Gunnel Norden, Oskar's wife. "He stepped out of the car and carried a bag of groceries inside. He hasn't been able to do something like that for years!"

Thanks to the successful treatment with Mastercare Back-A-Traction, Oskar now has been able to resume a normal life.

- Oskar Norden, housekeeper. Stockholm, Sweden

I had suffered 33 years with acute back pain. Then Mastercare came to the rescue! Unless you have ever suffered with back pain, you can have no idea what it means to be free of it!

- Magnus Yngve, farmer.

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